Car Accidents

An injury is not minor if it interferes with the way you live your life. If you are hurt in a car accident – whether your injuries are inconvenient, catastrophic, or life-ending – you and your family are entitled to justice. We can help.

Our Approach

Your concerns are our concerns. Your job is to get better. Our job is to make sure that the only thing you have to worry about is getting better. We work to get you the insurance benefits you deserve and the treatment you need as you recover from your injuries. The goal is for you to resume your life with as little interruption as possible. When we understand the full scope of your injuries and their effect on your life, we determine the best way to proceed and aggressively pursue that course of action to get the compensation you deserve.

Things to Keep in Mind

Take Photos and Call the Police
Documentation of the crash is very important. Just because another driver apologizes and accepts fault initially doesn’t mean that things won’t change when the insurance companies get involved. Photograph the vehicles and always ask the police to come to the scene and document what happened.

Get Treatment
The best thing you can do for your health and for your claim is to get the treatment you need. If you think you’ve been hurt in a crash, see a healthcare professional ASAP.

Be Wary of Signing Anything
Insurance companies will often get you to waive rights and release claims that you may have against the insurance companies or their insureds. Do not sign anything without careful consideration after speaking with an attorney.

An Overview

A crash is never convenient. All of a sudden, you have to get medical care, replace or repair your vehicle, and deal with insurance companies. Our first goal is to help you shoulder these burdens and work through them. When you’re on track to receive the treatment and benefits you need, our primary focus shifts toward advancing your case and determining the most effective strategy for getting you full compensation.

Once you and your healthcare providers fully understand your injuries, our attorneys can determine the best way to get you a just result. We do not make these decisions lightly. Every aspect of your case will be considered before we recommend a course of action.

Insurance companies want to save money. They decide what to offer based on their financial risk, not on what is fair or just. An insurer will fairly compensate you only if we can convince them that a jury will see the true value of your case at trial. That’s why we treat every case as if we’re going to trial. But the ultimate decision to resolve your case or proceed to trial will always be yours.

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What Our Clients Say

Daniel McLafferty is an amazing attorney. He handled my personal injury claim with amazing intellect, talent, and tenacity.

... their genuine care and assertiveness for you and your case will speak for itself. They get to know you, study your case and represent you with knowledge, dedication, and perseverance.

Jesse paid prompt attention to all details. The support staff’s performance under Jesse’s guidance and client relation was equally professional, timely and high-quality.

Bastion was completely up front with me & made sure I knew the risks of going forward but they both pulled through for me. After battling for 4 years, my case is now won.

Personal Injury is a stressful process, having legal expertise is important. I highly recommend this firm.

Jesse and Dan from Bastion Law are great to work with. They care about their clients and work hard for them.  If you’re looking for someone that goes above and beyond for their clients I would contact Bastion Law. The experience has been a good one.

Dan keeps you informed every step of the way and the results exceeded my expectation. I will refer everyone I know to Mr. McLafferty.

Daniel made me feel at ease that everything would be taken care of and he held true to that. I was able to concentrate on healing while Daniel did all the work.

Daniel McLafferty handled my case after I was in a car accident. From the moment I met him, I felt better. Unlike my insurance company, he was actually looking out for my best interests.

Dan fought hard for my settlement and I received much more than I would have if I’d done this on my own. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of a personal injury attorney.

Daniel did a great job- he was always helpful and responded quickly any time I needed him. Great job, great guy.

Daniel took the time to update me each step of the way, and helped translate legal language so that I understood the concepts and what was being asked of me.

Dan is a brilliant attorney- he was knowledgeable about every aspect in our case. He worked tirelessly around the clock to win our case for us.

Dan was very informative, polite and a hard worker. Provided a diligent and fruitful outcome to my case. On top of all his responsibilities while simultaneously listening attentively.