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Rear-end crash causes chronic headaches

While traveling one morning from one customer’s home to another’s, our client stopped to wait for oncoming traffic to clear before making a left turn. A driver approaching him from behind did not notice our client’s vehicle stopped in the road and crashed into him without slowing. Luckily, our client was able to walk away

Brain injury when woman fell from car

Our client, a high-school student, was hanging out in a parking lot with her friends. As she sat on the back of a friend’s car, the friend suddenly accelerated forward and she fell to the parking lot, hitting her head. While she worked to recovery from her injury, we worked to find every asset of

Delivery truck T-bones driver

On her way to work one winter morning, our client proceeded through an intersection on a fairly busy highway on a green light. The next thing she knew, a large delivery truck was barreling toward her from the passenger’s side. An instant later, the truck smashed into her, knocking her car into oncoming traffic. She

Car crash worsens neck symptoms

While on her way to work, our client drove through an ordinary intersection. Another driver rushing to make an appointment on time, approached the same intersection from our client’s right. He entered the intersection attempting to turn right, but our client was already in the intersection and could not stop in time. She crashed right