Fall Injuries

If you slip or trip and fall and are seriously injured, you and your family are entitled to justice. You need a premises liability lawyer. We can help.


Our Approach

Slip and falls or trip and falls require swift and decisive action. To prevail on such a case, a good premises liability lawyer will work to prove that the landowner either knew about the condition that caused you to fall or would have discovered it if they had bothered to look. In that sense, finding people who were there, locating video cameras and conducting other such investigations is of paramount importance. 

While we take care of the investigation, you can focus on your health. We work to get you the insurance benefits you deserve and the treatment you need as you recover from your injuries. The goal is for you to resume your life with as little interruption as possible. When we understand the full scope your injuries and their effect on your life, we determine the best way to proceed and aggressively pursue that course of action to get the compensation you deserve.

Things to Keep in Mind

Take Photos and Get Contact Information

Documenting the cause of your fall is very important. A business might fix a crack in its sidewalk or a grocery-store clerk might mop up a spill and, along with it, important evidence. Take photographs and videos as soon as you can. If someone saw you fall or saw the condition that caused your fall, be sure to get their name and contact information. 

Do Not Delay – Evidence Is Fleeting

Gather evidence immediately. These cases are tough if the cause of your fall cannot be determined. Collecting evidence, preserving evidence, and contacting witnesses must happen early.

Get Treatment

The best thing you can do for your health and for your claim is to get the healthcare treatment you need. If you think you’ve been hurt, see a healthcare professional ASAP.

An Overview

A fall is never convenient. You were just walking along then suddenly you’re on the ground and in pain. Fall injuries can result in anything from minor inconvenience to life-altering pain and physical limitations. Medical bills, lost wages, and everyday expenses start to add up, and you can’t do much about it because you are hurt. 

Our attorneys gather as much information about how the fall happened and who is responsible as possible. After doing so, we determine the best strategy for getting you full compensation. While we take on these tasks, your priority is to get healthy. Once you and your healthcare providers fully understand your injuries, our attorneys can plan the best way to get you a just result. Every aspect of your case will be considered before we recommend a course of action. 

The ultimate decision as to how we proceed will always be yours to make.