Workplace Injuries

Working is a necessity of life. We should not be hung out to dry when injured just because the injury happened when we were on the clock, trying to provide for our families. If you’ve been hurt at work and believe that someone other than your employer bears some responsibility, we can help.


Our Approach

You need to recover from your injuries. We help you get on the right treatment path or connect you with those who can. Once you’ve started recovering, we can investigate who might be liable for your injuries. If someone other than your employer contributed to the circumstances that led to your injury, then we can likely pursue a claim against those entities on your behalf to get you the justice and compensation you deserve. By pursuing these claims, we work not only for our clients’ benefit but to drive changes that lead to safer workplaces for all.

Things to Keep in Mind

Get Treatment

You must get the healthcare treatment you need to get healthy. L&I is set up to help injured workers to get such treatment. The best thing you can do for your health and your claim is to do everything you can to recover from injury. 

Consider a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

While L&I will help you get treatment, the process can be difficult. You might need a workers’ compensation lawyer to help. If you’re curious about your options, talk to a workers’ compensation lawyer or give us a call – we can help you find one.

Don’t Assume that No One Is Responsible

It can be difficult to know whether anyone in particular is responsible for your injury. This is especially true when there was not a specific action that resulted in injury, but instead a series of actions, inadequate safety policies, insufficient safety training, etc. You might have a viable claim even if you cannot say for certain who caused your injury.

An Overview

A workplace injury can be life-altering. Your options for medical treatment and getting back to work may be limited due to procedures and restrictions put in place by the Department of Labor & Industries. An injured worker might have no recourse other than to get department-approved treatment and proceed with a workers’ compensation claim. But if someone other than your employer caused your injury, we can help.

Justice is not reached when someone receives all the medical treatment they need. When someone is hurt on the job, justice can be obtained only when those responsible for the injury or the conditions that led to it can be held accountable. 

Finding the truth behind what led to a workplace injury can be difficult. Companies do not admit when they failed to maintain workplace safety. We uncover these failures to establish accountability and so they can be rectified for the benefit of all workers. That is the job of a workplace accident lawyer.