Wrongful Death

If a family member’s death should have been prevented, we can help. We will investigate the facts of what happened and determine whether someone is liable. For our attorneys, the best way to honor those that have passed is to obtain justice in their name.


Our Approach

Wrongful death claims can be complicated. There are many questions that may seem hard to answer at first like who can pursue a claim, what damages can be claimed, and who is responsible. We listen and investigate to determine how and whether a wrongful death claim can be pursued. Our attorneys work tirelessly to obtain justice for our clients and prevent similar tragedies from happening again.

Things to Keep in Mind

Do Not Wait to Contact an Attorney

Some claims require extensive investigation. There might also be many people who can pursue claims on behalf of a decedent. Once someone begins that process, no one else can. Contact us early if you should take on that responsibility so investigation can begin ASAP.

Do Not Assume that No Claim Can Be Made

Liability for a loved one’s death is not always obvious. Anything from an obvious act of violence to a series of decisions to cut expenses at the cost of safety may have contributed to a death. If you believe that there’s a chance someone is responsible, reach out to our office to investigate.

Making Decisions for Your Loved One’s Estate

Certain legal procedures involving power of attorney, probate, or appointment of an estate’s personal representative might need to take place before decisions can be made on behalf of your loved one’s estate. The sooner the process gets started, the sooner we can explore legal remedies for wrongful death.

An Overview

Nothing can prepare you for the loss of a loved one. Death is inevitable, but nothing compares to the bitterness of preventable death: when a loved one’s time has been cut short because someone else made a mistake or wrongful act. These deaths are tragic because they should not have happened. 

At Bastion Law, we bring the failures and mistakes that caused a loved one’s passing to light. Everyone who contributed should be held accountable, and every circumstance that led to death should be mitigated and prevented in the future. Our goals are your goals: to obtain justice for the deceased and to honor their memory by working to prevent similar mistakes from happening again. 

Our attorneys will work with you to investigate the facts then determine whether a claim can be pursued. The responsible parties and their insurers will often deny fault and responsibility. We hate to draw these cases out, but they often need to be litigated in court. If so, we prepare to fight for you through trial and beyond if that’s what it takes. For us, the best way to honor those that have passed is to obtain justice in their name.