Insurance Coverage & Bad Faith

You buy insurance to help when an accident happens or something goes wrong. When the time comes, the insurance company provides you with coverage and benefits, but that’s not always what happens. If your insurer is placing its interests over yours, we can get you the benefits you deserve.


Our Approach

We want you to get the insurance benefits you purchased as soon as possible. If sending a few letters is all that we need to show that you’re entitled to benefits, that’s what we’ll do. But when insurers wrongfully deny coverage and refuse to see reason, we won’t hesitate to pursue your claims in court.

Things to Keep in Mind

Reach Out to an Attorney Early

If something seems off with your insurer, it probably is. You do not need to wait until a situation has gone beyond repair to talk to an attorney. We provide free consultations and can let you know if the insurer seems to be acting in bad faith.

Communicate in Writing

Written communications from an insurer can be helpful in resolving and pursuing insurance coverage claims. Proving a bad faith claim or that an insurer took a certain position during the claim is much easier with written emails and letters from the insurer. Ask for responses in writing.

Cooperate with Your Insurer

Many insurance policies require an insured to cooperate with the insurer in its investigation. You do not want to prevent the insurer from evaluating your claim. If you do, the insurer may have grounds to deny coverage.

An Overview

Insurance companies want to save money. If they can find a way to deny coverage or reduce their payments, they will try. Whether you’re dealing with liability insurance, homeowners’ insurance, auto insurance, or a policy for commercial or professional coverage, your insurer will always try to determine whether there is a way that it can get out of paying you.

We can help. If you’re concerned about coverage early on or if your insurance company has already denied coverage, we will investigate your claim and analyze your policy to determine whether you deserve more. Whether your insurance company is denying you a legal defense when you’ve been sued, medical benefits when you’ve been hurt, property damage benefits when your home has been damaged, or income benefits when your business has been interrupted, we can work to determine whether your insurer is treating you fairly or whether you’re entitled to more benefits.

Our fee arrangements vary in these types of cases. Fortunately, when an insurer wrongfully denies benefits, it is often required to pay for all of your legal expenses. We work not only to maximize your insurance benefits, but also to hold the insurance company accountable for your legal expenses.